Meet Peter (CEO at FinsterData)

Peter started his own business at the age of 16 out of necessity.
Because his band did not get enough bookings, he designed a method to be found better and more often by search engines. The number of bookings rose and with the gained experience he started his first search engine optimization company.

At the age of 30 Peter left his company (at that time 3 companies with 75 employees), to give something back to society.

During volunteer work he came into contact with a foreign organization in the field of microfinance, where you choose projects to invest in. The borrowed money goes directly to the applicant.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​setting up a Dutch microfinance branch. Within a year Peter had formed a team of 125 volunteers and nowadays more than 50,000 entrepreneurs in developing countries have been helped.

After a few years working for charity, Peter either had to apply for a micro credit himself to buy food and pay his rent, or go back to work part-time. He chose the latter and from there he created FinsterData.