In our quest to make the internet as insightful as possible, we’ve found over a billion email addresses.
After the GDPR* we didn’t want to store the individual data, but our customers still wanted and needed to find email addresses. Therefore we researched the more than a billion email addresses to analyze the email address formats for every single company website (over 100 million worldwide).
If you know the company and name of the employee, we can almost certainly produce the personal business email address.

We now made this data freely available for personal use.

Do you need more searches, company information, or the possibility to search companies by website technique, employees, etcetera? Please register. Do you need API access? Please contact us.

*The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a EU privacy/security law that prohibits saving personal information without consent. Therefore we don’t save personal business email addresses, but just the email address format.

Find personal business email addresses.