Searching personal business e-mail addresses (free)

We have spidered the web for years and saved the e-mail addresses we’ve found. After the GDPR* we didn’t want to keep this individual data, but our customers stil want to find e-mail addresses. Therefore we researched over a billion e-mail addresses to analyze the e-mail address formats for every company website we could (over 100 million worldwide). If you know the company and name of a person we probably can produce the e-mail address.

We now made this data freely available for personal use (up to 10 searches a day).

Do you need more searches, company information, or the possibility to search companies by website technique, employees, etc.? Register. Do you need api access? Contact us.

* The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a EU privacy/security law that prohibits saving personal information without consent. Therefore we don’t save personal email addresses, but just the email address format.

Use this search e-mail addresses tool